Spice Corner
The Spice Corner is a conveniently located grocery store in the Quad Cities area that provides locals with quality ingredients at reasonable prices from all over the world. Those hard to find components necessary for many exotic recipes are now easily accessible. Products are delivered fresh to the shop so that your meals can best resemble authentic flavors from around the world. 

As worldly cuisines such as those from India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Mediterranean, Latin countries and so many others gain popularity, so does the desire to create these dishes at home. For many, it poses a challenge- once you are finally able to find the ingredients, then what? At Spice Corner, we hope to make cooking exotic meals at home simple as well as fun. That is where  the "Help Shelf" comes in. 

To the left of our website you will see the "Help Shelf Recipes" link. Check in each week to see recipes that we have tried and tested ourselves, as well as photos of the cooking process. It will show you that it does not take an expert to bring flavorful dishes to your dinner table. Then head over to our shop where you will find the bulk of ingredients you need for our featured recipe/s on our physically displayed "Help Shelf," near the cash register. Recipe cards will be available to take in store as well as on our website. 

The Spice Corner is co-owned by certified chef Hemanth Nagaraj, whose culinary background has given him a strong understanding of classical French cooking while his upbringing has given him a strong understanding of Indian food and culture. It goes to say, he knows his way around food. You can usually find him in the shop, where he can quickly answer your culinary questions. You can also click the "Contact Us" link to the left to ask your questions and offer your suggestions and comments.

Food is such an essential part of one's culture that it is almost as if you are traveling to another part of the world when you eat something characteristic of another place. We hope you enjoy traveling the world vicariously through your meals.